Gemologist & Artistic Director

Serena Khemlani was born & brought up during her early years in West Africa and the friendly Caribbean Island of St. Maarten. She comes from a generation of jewelers, three to be precise. Both her maternal & paternal grandfathers were jewelers and have bestowed upon her, their creative and artisanal know how on jewelry and gemstones. Surrounded by creative talent, her childhood was often spent traveling to Africa, India & exotic parts of Asia which still continue to fascinate her and is visible in her designs today.

In 2002, along with her watch veteran husband, Serena co-founded VOILA, Revolutions in Time, a boutique watch brand specializing in wrist-art that is culturally & aesthetically related to Asia. Over the years, bespoke VOILA collections have been set with the finest south sea pearls, diamonds & gemstones; from there on it was a natural evolution for Serena to rekindle her passion for jewelry and launch her premier VOILA jewelry collection in 2017. Taking leads from her grandfather CP Mahtani's bespoke jewels and VOILA’s unique timepieces, Serena’s jewelry collections take inspiration from nature and culture with gemstones sourced during her travels.

Her designs are one-of-a-kind and artistically created with a timeless appeal to compliment a VOILA watch.

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