C. PESSUMAL & Co. Bespoke Jewels, 1926~1999
C.P. Mahtani, Founder

From modest beginnings in 1949, C. Pessumal Bespoke Jewels has been synonymous with exquisite gems, unique designs & exceptional craftsmanship. Founded by Chimandas P. Mahtani, it was in the mid-60s that C.P. Mahtani became the renowned go-to-jeweller for one-of-a-kind wedding jewellery.

Born in 1926, in Hyderabad, Sindh (British India), Chimandas Mahtani was the 9th of 11 siblings. Known for his entrepreneurial skills, his travels brought him to Hong Kong where he came across exquisite diamonds and gemstones. Intrigued by diamonds and white being his favourite colour, he returned to Bombay - India with his vision to source quality diamonds and to create bespoke diamond jewellery.

Having the knack for setting trends, Mr. Mahtani created his first diamond jewellery set for his wife Kishori Mahtani which remains a treasured heirloom within his granddaughter’s collection. Taking inspiration from his heritage, he embraced exotic Persian motifs in jewellery sets, that continue to be adorned at (Sindhi) wedding celebrations till today.

As his clientele grew, in 1986, his youngest son Haresh Mahtani made a strategic decision to introduce colored gemstones into their collections, whereby expanding their reach to a younger audience in search of contemporary jewellery designs. Mr. Mahtani continued to create bespoke wedding jewellery till 1999 when he passed away leaving behind his vast experiences and know-how to his granddaughter.

Continuing with our family heritage, in 2002, Mr. C. P. Mahtani’s eldest grand-daughter, Serena (Rakhee) along with her horologist husband Roger Khemlani introduced VOILA Watches & Jewels. Inspired by her grandfather’s legacy, Serena’s unique gem set watches & jewellery collections are inspired from her travels and culture. Just like her grandfather, her jewellery designs are one-of-a-kind embedded with a ‘WOW’ DNA!