Horologist & Creative Director

Roger Khemlani (金 尧 杰) was born in colonial Hong Kong to parents from the Hindu-Persian state of Sindh; his youth was spent between Hong Kong and India where he learnt ancient languages, arts and absorbed both cultures equally. This led him to develop a cross-cultural broad-based approach to life, business and is visible in his creations today.

Often referred to as the industry's maverick - Roger Khemlani started his apprenticeship in Hong Kong in 1986. Entrepreneurship runs in his family and has always been his forte; by the age of 25 he had successfully established an exclusive partnership of his own founded Intertime Holdings and Beta SA Brazil - a synergy which lead to develop Champion, one of South America's largest watch brands . By the age of 30 Roger had designed and produced numerous timepieces for luxury maisons including Yves Saint Laurent, Ted Lapidus and Carolina Herrera.


To counter the growing threat of viewing time via mobile phones and in order to bring sustainability to the industry, Roger's passion and enthusiasm lead him to create a design revolution in wrist watches. He is credited with bringing numerous out-of-the box design concepts to an industry previously dominated by round or square timepieces. In 2002, Roger Khemlani premiered VOILA - Revolutions in Time by releasing Op-La the world's 1st slap watch, a collection which till today is a best seller amongst his many award winning collections.


At the house of VOILA, Roger has found the right balance in artistry and precision engineering and is proudly leading a design revolution in wrist-art. The age of globalization has secretly contributed to his success where he brings Oriental heritage with an expertise of Swiss watch making in his collections.

Roger Khemlani's mission as an artisan is to build a substantial watch design archive which future generations could build upon. He currently resides in Hong Kong with his wife Serena and three daughters; he is an avid sailor and counts art, antiques and cruising amongst his many passions.


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