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Summer Greetings from the House of VOILA!

We could all agree 2020 has been as challenging as it can be! We long for the days when we get to feel the ocean breeze and set sail with you again.

During crucial times like these, our survival as an independent artisan is no ordinary task and somewhat depends on you. We need your unprecedented support, now more than ever, as a past patron, you could help spread the word by establishing VOILA's authentic digital footprint in this new digital world. Any genuine 5 star reviews on google and social media sites (links below) on your shopping experiences with VOILA will help boost our ratings on various search engines.

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We have taken this opportunity not only to enhance but to excel on creativity we are renowned for. For this we have introduced an amazing all new one-of-a-kind VOILA jewelry collection. If nothing in our store catches your eye, we also offer FREE custom jewelry designs, so if there is anything you desire we can exclusively create it for you.

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Do keep us in mind for your next digital shopping experience and as a gentle reminder, a word-of-mouth recommendation amongst your peers will make all the difference we artisans greatly need.

With fondest regards from Hong Kong,

Serena & Roger Khemlani