While shopping for Topaz, the factors to consider are:

  • COLOR – Blue topaz ranges from a very light blue (Swiss) to a deeper blue (London). It can also have a slightly turquoise hue, reminiscent of aquamarine – so its your choice
  • NATURAL STONE - natural blue topaz is very rare to find so will be expensive; most blue topaz are heat treated & does not alter the gem’s durability.
  • CLARITY – always look for a gem with excellent clarity, with no imperfections that are noticeable to the naked eye. They will have the best sparkle.
  • CUT – It is your choice. Topaz is a very versatile gem, it is often found as large crystals so topaz cutters are not too restricted by price & can therefore afford to lose some of the gem. Emerald and cushion cuts are popular, but you’ll also find topaz in round, pear, oval and marquise cuts – as well as triangles or fantasy designer shapes.
  • SIZE – the bigger the size the more expensive, however the increase is price/carat is not a lot like diamonds or rubies/sapphires where there is a huge jump so it is perfect if you are looking for large sized stones.

Topaz ranks 8 on the Mohs scale & although it is considered to be a hard gem, it is brittle so you must be careful while wearing it.

  • Store each piece of topaz jewelry separately in a soft cloth & away from other jewelry in order to avoid the stones from getting scratched
  • Exposure to high heat is not recommended, as it may cause fracturing or internal cracks.
  • Topaz is best cleaned with lukewarm water with mild soap or detergent. Just light brush it with a soft toothbrush, rinse and wipe. I recommend doing this at the table as your jewelry can slip from your hands over the sink.
  • For Mystic topaz do not brush with soft brush, just soak, rinse & gently wipe as scrubbing can remove their coating
  • Do not clean your Topaz jewelry in an ultrasonic or steam cleaner as they are sensitive to heat & this may damage your stone.