When shopping for Rubies, the factors you must consider are:

  1. COLOR – this is the most significant factor that affect the rubies’ value, with the Pigeon Blood color being the finest and most sought after.
  2. CLARITY- it is natural for rubies to have inclusions; if you find a ruby with no inclusion or you can see thru the gem then it is most probably glass or synthetic.
  3. BRILLIANCE – the clearer the stone the more expensive. If a ruby has lots of inclusions which affect the brilliance of the stone then the value will be reduced.
  4. SIZE - The bigger the size the more expensive. It is very rare to find a good quality ruby over 1ct, so expect the price to rise significantly as the size increases.
  5. SHAPE & CUT– the shape is your personal preference. The cut must be smooth and have an even finish with no chips or scratches.

 Although Rubies are hard gems, they do require care:

  1. It is best to keep your Ruby jewelry in a separate pouch to avoid scratches. For earrings, wrap each piece in a tissue & then put them in a pouch
  2. Always wear your lotions & perfumes prior to wearing any jewelry.
  3. Over the time, your ruby jewelry can get a build up of oils or perfumes which may cause rubies to loose their lustre and look dull. Simply soak your jewelry pieces in a bowl of lukewarm water with mild suds or detergent.  Use a soft toothbrush to scrub and then rinse & wipe them. I personally recommend doing this while seated at a table & avoid cleaning your jewelry over the sink in case your jewelry piece slips from your hand.