When shopping for pearls, consider the following: 

  1. SHAPE- a perfect round shaped pearl is the most desired shape & the rarest to find which makes it more expensive 
  2. SIZE – the larger the size of the pearl, the more expensive
  3. COLOUR - The deeper the colour the better. Pearls are available in an array of colours as different oysters breed different pearl colours.
  4. SURFACE – pearls are natural gems and will have irregularities or blemishes. Good quality pearls must not have significant blemishes or marks
  5. LUSTRE – is the shine or reflection of light so the more intense the reflection the better the lustre.

 When caring for your pearls, always remember to be gentle.

  1. Wipe your pearls regularly with a soft cloth as this helps prevent the build-up of oils and other substance. If your pearls have a couple stains, you can use a soft damp cloth & make sure they are fully dry before you put them away. 
  2. Avoid using hairspray, perfumes or lotions, basically anything with chemicals when wearing them. 
  3. Store your pearls separately from the rest of your jewellery to avoid them from being scratched. Wrap them in a soft tissue & keep them in a satin or velvet pouch. 
  4. Get your pearls regularly checked with your jeweller & restring them if necessary. This is essential to keep your pearls long lasting.
  5. Enjoy wearing your pearls as this is the best way to keep them shining. The natural oils from your body enhances their lustre and keep them looking new.