Oriental Breeze with its artistry and precision engineering brings along a 'breath of fresh air'. The collection is a delicate work of wrist-art depicting the cultural relics of the Orient. It takes inspiration from the creator's numerous travels within Asia.

The Oriental Breeze is a tribute to the hand fan, once a useful ornament adorned by the royals; a social status symbol today is obsolete. VOILA turns this forgotten functional invention into a jewel that tells time.

Four Asian themed collections are scheduled to be introduced, each at its appropriate season. The collection premieres with 'Cherry Blossom' the spring collection which takes its inspiration from travels to the land of the rising sun, Japan. This is to be followed by 'Dancing Peacock', a summer collection inspired from the wildlife in India. Ultimately the autumn - winter collections 'Wild Orchid' & 'Golden Dragon' are inspired from travels to the land of smiles, Thailand and China respectively and are scheduled to be released in fall 2009.

Fitted with a hand woven genuine Shantou silk strap and culturally inspired hand enamel painted dial, the Oriental Breeze is the new ˇ§wowˇ¨ from the house of VOILA, and is available set in white brilliant cut diamonds or colored sapphires.