Designed as an inverted heart ‐ centered along the letter V (for VOILA); the WOOMAN draws imagery from a female silhouette. Hints of both innocence and enigma are plentiful with suggestions of a veiled meaning. The collection is designed to tantalize the viewer and literally bring a ‘wow’ to their lips.

The creator’s inspirations is his love ‐ Serena, big screen stars ‐ Monica Bellucci, Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie and all women who grow more attractive with age. Fitted with a diamond back python leather strap and a highly polished mirror dial ‐ where you get to see one’s face in the watch; the WOOMAN is available in all steel classic version or set with diamonds or colored sapphires luxury versions.

“The original collection is intentionally designed as a blank canvas in order to personalize designs to suit our clients discerning tastes. In my 20 odd years of creating watches never before have so many women come up to me and requested to be an inspiration for my collection, definitely expect a lot more variations to follow” says Roger Khemlani.