- World's First Oyster watch -
Swiss Design Patent No. 137 718

A 'secret watch' collection inspired from the depths of the southern ocean, the Fantasea is a functional pearl oyster bracelet watch that opens to reveal time. 

The watch case is designed as a closed clam with an innovative pusher-crown which gently opens to reveal time. The inner shell is perfectly inlaid with seamless nacre (mother of pearl) whereas the outer shell is unevenly sandblasted to give a natural finish identical to a south sea oyster. The outer rim is gem-set with matching sapphires highlighting the contours of the clam. The timepiece is protected by a soft curved sapphire glass signifying the pearl’s growth as time goes by.

The pearl bracelet is set with natural white, champagne South Sea or Tahitian black pearls & custom ‘8’ shape bracelet links to visually enhance the pearls.