- World's First NEST Watch - an award winning 'birds nest' timepiece, *Baselworld - Tourbillon Gold (2008)
Swiss Design Patent No.134 853

Inspired from the award winning 'birds nest' national stadium in Beijing, the Beijing Dream is a delicate work of craft that reads new motif, breaking away from strictness to today's artistic sensitivity. The collection is the best in what architectural engineers and wristwatch engineers have in common. An inter weave of micro-steel bars that have expertly been carved into an intricate mesh to protect the ultimate luxury of all - the luxury of Time.

The 12 hourly markers are indicative of the stadium's exit lanes with rows of spectator seats ascending over the center field. Diamonds set on its inner rim illuminate time as the stadium's flood lights would do on any event eve. 

VOILA's 'Beijing Dream'  collection sets new markers in design aesthetics and its significance in the global luxury community.