AQUAMARINE - Gem of Happiness

Aquamarine ~ March’s birthstone

Derived from the Latin word "Aqua Mare", literally meaning seawater, Aquamarines are believed to calm the waves & therefore worn as a lucky talisman to protect seafarers from stormy seas.

Aquamarines are a variety of a pastel greenish-bluish beryl (same family as emeralds, morganite); readily available & moderately priced, the most popular style for Aquamarines is a cocktail ring!

Brazil is home to many wonderful precious stones, including aquamarines. The world’s largest faceted aquamarine is the 10,363ct Dom Pedro. Named after Brazil’s emperors Pedro I & Pedro II, in 2011 the Dom Pedro made its way to the Smithsonian Institution to become an exhibit at the National Gems Gallery.

Aquamarines are a superior stone used as for fortune telling, most often used as a crystal ball. Learn more >>